Social Media Automation - Tech Tip Tuesday - 07/18/17

Tech Tip Tuesday – #069 – Social Media Automation


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Tech Tip Tuesday #069 – Social Media Automation


One of the most difficult things about marketing yourself is – there’s only one of you! Whenever you have the opportunity to automate, you can double your efforts and increase your brand’s awareness – all without increasing time.

Today, we wanted to give you a peak behind the curtain for how we automate some of our processes in hopes that you can use these concepts for your business.  We’ll be talking about automating the marketing of your brand through CoSchedule (A paid tool).

CoSchedule is just one tool to do this sort of thing, there’s hootsuite and socialoomph, and a host of others.  Pretend you have a link that you want to share with the world.  It could be about your business, some new listings – or in our case, we want to schedule the Throwback Thursday photo for this week.

So, What Does it Do?

With CoSchedule’s, you now have your Facebook and Twitter accounts linked so that it will notify your friends and followers whenever you choose.  For instance, you can share the post now, and release it again on your social media accounts 7 days later.

Now you don’t have to think about jumping on to Facebook or twitter every time you want to share your post or content you love.  You can write a week’s worth of posts or links, time release them, and have the automation expand your presence online.  That’s social media automation, and that’s today’s Tech Tip Tuesday.

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