Our New Communications Plan


Our New Communications Plan

This week marks the beginning of an exciting time here at SCAOR, as you’ve no doubt read in this week’s At-a-Glance. We’re currently making long overdue changes to the way we distribute important information to our members here at the Association. This will improve the way we disseminate information to each and every one of you – but it’s really much more than that. We will also make any pertinent information/data more readily accessible to you in the future, via scaor.com.

What does this mean?

Let’s go through some of the changes/improvements that we’re currently working on:
  • Evergreen Content. First, we’re creating a series of blog items, podcasts and videos that will be uploaded to scaor.com (under the “news” tab) and serve as a library of sorts indefinitely. This means that if you need information on a certain subject, you can search for it online and find/save it for future use.
  • Improved Stream of Information. We’ve eliminated the randomness of our weekly communications and now have a schedule that we will adhere to religiously. For example, you will ALWAYS get a podcast on Mondays, you will ALWAYS get a tech tip on Tuesdays, you will ALWAYS get At A Glance on Wednesdays, and ALWAYS get a blog post on Fridays. And for those who enjoy a walk down “Memory Lane”, we have our Throwback Thursday segment that will be dominated by old photos and memories.  Only emergency or time sensitive information will be distributed outside of this schedule.
  • Multiple Platforms. We realize that everyone doesn’t have the same preference for consuming information. That’s why chosen to disseminate information by including multiple platforms.  From emails to social media, and from online videos to Scoar.com, there’s something for everyone moving forward.
As always, stay informed on what is happening with YOUR Association by regularly checking your inbox, social media, as well as online at scaor.com.

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