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Newsletter – Part of a Bigger Plan 

Reading this week’s edition of your “At A Glance” e-newsletter, it’s obvious that many changes have occurred over the last few days. Now a much more condensed version of our weekly correspondence to you, our valued members, “AAG” has become simply part of a much larger plan – one aimed at keeping you informed about everything happening with YOUR Association.

This will include not only pertinent news distributed via email, but also information relayed by utilizing and embracing new technology and forms of communication.

Daily updates will now be available from SCAOR.com, each day with a different focus and purpose.  All of these updates will be available permanently as a part of Scaor.com under the “News” tab.  You’ll still receive this email each Wednesday, but it’s all part of our Strategy to communicate with you better.

  • Mondays – Weekly Podcast (Click here to subscribe!)
  • Tuesdays – Tech Tips Videos (Did you catch yesterday’s?)
  • Wednesdays – “At A Glance” email, with classes & Events
  • Thursdays – Throwback Thursdays (Recognize these people?)
  • Fridays – Weekly Blog Posts (Last Friday was Your chance to be on HGTV!)

As always, we value and welcome your feedback. Please let us know how we’re doing and what we can do to better serve you.

Until next week…

Upcoming Classes:


Modules 1, 3, & 6 – March 16
Modules 2, 4, & 5 – March 30

New Salesperson:

Mod. 2 – Buyer Rep. – March 29
Mod. 4 – Real Estate Pro. – March 29

Module 1:

Agency & Fair Housing – March 15
Agency & Fair Housing – March 24

Module 2:

NAR Ethics – March 31

Module 3:

Real Estate Documents – March 12
Real Estate Documents – March 31

Module 4:

Office Management – March 15
Office Management – March 24

Module 5:

Legislative Issues – March 19

Module 7:

How to Stop the Home Inspection from Killing the Transaction – April 1

Module 6:

Real Property Long Term- Short Term Rentals – April 2

Upcoming Events:

March 16 – Rental Affairs
March 16 – New Member Orientation
March 18 – PCA Board of Directors
March 23 – Affiliates Committee
March 24 – Public Policy Committee
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