The SCAORCard – Issue #001 – DAR

Congratulations to the DAR members appointed to serve on NAR Committees for 2017 during DAR’s 2016 annual conference.  Also, check out this PDF for the Delaware REALTOR® of the year press release.

Name Committee Name  Position  Start Date End Date  
BRAUNSTEIN, ERIC     Risk Management Issues Committee  Member: State Representative [Delaware] 12/1/2016  11/30/2017  
BROGAN, RICHARD F  RPAC Participation Council Member: State Representative [Delaware] 12/1/2016 11/30/2017
DEAN, FREDERICK Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee Member: At-Large 12/1/2016 11/30/2019
HARMAN, ROBERT R  Board of Directors State Allocated Director 12/1/2015 11/30/2018
HARMAN, ROBERT R Broker Involvement Council Member: State Representative [Delaware] 12/1/2016 11/30/2018
MCGINNIS, PHILIP J Federal Independent Expenditures  Advisory Board Chair 12/1/2016 11/30/2017
MCGINNIS, PHILIP J  Public Advocacy Advisory Group  Member: Committee Chair [RPAC Trustees Federal Disbursement Committee] 12/1/2016 11/30/2017
 MCGINNIS, PHILIP J  RPAC Trustees Federal Disbursement  Committee  Chair   12/1/2016  11/30/2017
 MCVEY, ROBERT F  Multiple Listing Issues and Policies  Committee  Member: State Representative [Delaware]  12/1/2015   11/30/2018
 MCVEY, ROBERT F  REALTOR® Party Member Involvement  Committee     Member: State Representative [Delaware]  12/1/2016  11/30/2018
 PLUMMER, BRUCE E   Membership Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee   Member: State Representative [Delaware]    12/1/2014  11/30/2017  
 PLUMMER, BRUCE E  Professional Standards Committee  Member: State Representative [Delaware]  1/13/2016  11/30/2018
 RENDLE, ANNE   State and Local Issues Policy Committee  Member: At-Large  12/1/2016  11/30/2017
RIEDLE, BRADFORD B    Membership Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee  Member: At-Large  12/1/2016  11/30/2019
RODRIGUEZ, MAXIMO T  RPAC Major Investor Council   Member: State Representative [Delaware]  12/1/2016  11/30/2017 
TAYLOR, BRIGIT R   Resort and Second Home Real Estate Committee  Member: At-Large  12/1/2016  11/30/2017
WILLIAMS, BAYARD  Housing Opportunity Committee  Member: State Representative [Delaware]  12/1/2016  11/30/2018


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