The SCAOR Card – Volume #009 – Technology

With smart homes, solar panels and electric cars at the forefront of trends we can see how the industry is guiding us into a more eco-friendly time. Technology is making our live faster, more convenient and easier, but this does not always mean that it’s more efficient.

According to Live Science, the average household contains about 25 gadgets that consume 10-15 percent of an average home’s electricity bill. Choosing the right energy efficient models and following best practices can lower energy bills, water usage, and even waste.

Whether you are just getting started or looking to upgrade your tech, here are a few friendly tips:

1) Look for Labels Energy Star
The bright blue energy star label is your first indicator that your product is going to be more efficient than a standard model, saving you money while helping the planet.

2) Better Lighting
Lighting has come a long way in the past few years. LED lighting has a longer shelf life, are eco-friendly, durably made, give off zero UV emissions, operate in extreme temperatures, achieve higher light disbursement and use less electricity.

3) Solar Power
A solar panel is not just limited to your house or a solar farm. Solar power panels can be added to phone chargers, electric car roofs and even power small fans. Recent battery upgrades have presented in home wall batteries that even store solar power to be used a later time.

4) Smaller is Better
Laptops and Tablets are designed to be energy efficient to maximize battery life and last as long as possible. An iPad uses 35% less energy than the average desktop. If you are in the market for something new, consider downsizing to a laptop or hybrid rather than a new desktop. This is normally perfect for REALTORS® as they tend to be very mobile.

5) Choose the right settings
Smart settings on your TV, computer, and phone can impact energy by as much as 20% when it comes to brightness. Surprising screen savers can actually use more energy by making computers work harder. They are not needed with newer screens. Taking the time to check these settings is worth it and can not only save you energy but battery life as well.

This doesn’t require a drastic change in lifestyle but simply becoming more aware that all things can be done with more energy efficiency. Not only will this help your budget, but you will be making a lasting effect on the environment.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, we would love to hear how you are using smart home technology and eco-friendly equipment today!

Benjamin Kunde
Network & MLS Administrator, Sussex County Association of REALTORS®


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