The SCAOR Card – Issue #009 – Bright MLS Update

Get a Sneak Peek of the New Bright MLS Website

The new website will welcome you to the Bright community and give you information, alerts and easy access to your tools within the system.

Your office and association will have the option to post news and information on the homepage, and dedicated training and news content from Bright will always be available. In addition, your listings, client information, and MLS and Public Records searches will be one click away through the new menu options, which will always be available wherever you are on

Excitement over this new space is building and the Bright team just released a first look at the homepage. This is the page you’ll view every time you login to Bright.

Bright MLS

Please note: This is just a screenshot, and work is still being done to make this new website a reality. We’ll make sure you have more opportunities to view this new space as you get closer to using the new system. 

Work Continues on Search and Report Options within Bright

The search and report system in Bright will present information through the Matrix 360 platform. This version of Matrix brings together all of the information about a particular property – sales, mortgages, parcel information, previous listings, listing images – and presents them in a unified way through:

  • Reports that include listing and Public Records sales and information
  • A map with clickable parcels and combined MLS and Public Records information in the popup
  • A full 360 Public Records report that includes flood reports, sales, the most recent listing, and more

Work to customize this platform and integrate it into Bright is well underway. Public Records information for the entire Bright footprint is being brought into the system and all searches are being customized. Work has also started on customizing the Agent reports, and integrating the expanded data into these reports.

Bob is the Bright MLS “Customer Success Champion” for Sussex County Delaware providing training and education. Bob is excited to share with you the vision of Bright MLS and how that vision will benefit SCAOR Members as we transition to Bright MLS in December of 2017. Bob is a Delaware native and has spent many years in the Real Estate and Mortgage Banking industry before joining Trend MLS in August of 2015.

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