The Power of Google - 5 Useful Tips

The Power of Google – 5 Useful Tips

If a friend, colleague or family member asks you to conduct a search for something on the Internet, what EXACTLY do they ask you to do?

Do they ask you to do a search?  Do they ask you to “look something up?” Unless we miss our guess, chances are pretty good that they ask you to “Google” it.

According to statistics, Google now has a stranglehold on 90 percent of the Internet search market, not just in the United States, but globally. This is a mind-blowing number that really illustrates the power the California-based company has on the marketplace.  So, how can you effectively harness that power in your real estate business?

Well, there are definitely some ways that even small businesses can use the extraordinary power of Google to their advantage.

And “Google Tools” is a great way to start. Here are a few that may help:

  • Google AdWords. This tool generates leads for you based on location, which can greatly help anyone in the world of real estate. The idea is for your business profile to appear anytime someone is searching for a home in your zip code. Pretty cool, right?
  • Google Maps. This uses satellite imaging to show more detail on your maps, allowing your listing to be found in a greater number of online searches.
  • Google Plus. Make sure you have a full and complete Google profile online that gives a snapshot of your company when people are searching for real estate online. You can include your contact information, photos, a description of your business and even a personalized message.
  • Google Earth. This allows searchers to see satellite images of nearby parks, schools and more, all directly from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Google My Business. This tool is designed for REALTORS® to list their companies, allowing them to be easily found by consumers.

There are a few of the traditional Google tools that generate page views and can help you with your online marketing efforts. After you’ve mastered some of the basics, however, there is much more available in Google for you to learn and utilize.

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