Tech Tip Tuesday: Never Lose a Paper Document Again

Tech Tip Tuesday – #064 – Never Lose a Paper Document Again


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Tech Tip Tuesday – #064 – Never Lose a Paper Document Again

Today’s Tip:

Most of us have a lot of information to keep track of these days.  Receipts, phone numbers, ideas, projects, meetings and more.  There’s just a never ending influx of information coming our way.  Fortunately there’s some great software out there to help you tame all of that information.

Programs like Microsoft OneNote and Evernote are designed to ingest huge amounts of reference material, and sync it all in the cloud so your documents are available wherever you are.  I’m talking about book notes, shopping lists, receipts, copies of important documents, meeting notes, and more.  Let’s take a look at how it all works.

This is Microsoft OneNote.  Evernote works similarly, and both applications have their pros and cons.  They do both have free versions, and they also both have online web versions available, as well as mac, windows, android and iOS apps.

So, let’s get digitize some paper!  I’m going into one note for iOS, taking a picture, and you can see at the bottom, it says Document.  Snap.  Give it a name.  Let it sync, and now, I have a document I can add notes, recordings, if your  computer supports tablets.

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