Link Statistic Tracking in Emails & Social Media

Tech Tip Tuesday – #028 – Link Statistic Tracking in Emails & Social Media


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Tech Tip Tuesday – #028 – Link Statistic Tracking in Emails & Social Media

Today’s Tip:

Today we’re talking about link statistic tracking in email and social media.  So, link tracking.  First of all….what is it?  It’s a way you can see when, and how many times your links are clicked when you share a listing, a link to your website in an email, or how many clicks something is getting in Facebook or twitter.  Any time you want to verify that a link was clicked.

We’ll be using Google URL shortener for this video, it is free, so feel free to play along on your computer or phone.  

Let’s say I want to send a link to a blog post we have via email, but I want to know when the other side has clicked the link that I sent them.  My first step is to copy the link in the address bar.  Depending on what you’re using, you can hit command c for a mac or control c if you’re on windows, to copy the web address.

Next, we head to  This is google url shortener’s website, and we paste the address into the given text box there.  They then provide a new, shorter web address that we can use in all our efforts moving forward.

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