Taming Your Email Using Google Inbox

Tech Tip Tuesday – #024 – Taming Your Email Using Google Inbox


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Tech Tip Tuesday – #024 – Taming Your Email Using Google Inbox

Today’s Tip:

Today, we’re talking about taming your email inbox using Google Inbox App.  

Most people have more email than they know what to do with.  Inbox is Google’s latest attempt at helping you make sense of all that information overload.  First, Inbox is free.  You can get this app with any Google account.  And some of the features may make it worth even signing up for a new Gmail account if you don’t already have one, and forwarding your other email here.  Let’s check it out:

When you first see the interface, it looks a lot different than Gmail or outlook.  Let’s see how it all breaks down.  Your email is listed chronologically, with the newest stuff at the top.  When you have email that shows up that meets certain criteria, Inbox will group these emails into a smart folder called a “bundle” that reduces your inbox noise.  Stuff like trip confirmations, online orders, and receipts get sent there by default so that your main inbox stays clean.  Pretty cool.  Another really useful feature is the snooze button on email.  Let’s say I get an email that contains information I need to know about, but not until tomorrow.  Instead of letting it sit there and get lost, I can hit the snooze button, take the email away from my inbox for now, and have it show up tomorrow when I need it.  Very handy.

Let’s say somewhere in your list of 1000s of emails, there’s one or two REALLY important ones you don’t want to miss.  Use the pushpin button to make sure you never lose them.  These are like “starring” or “flagging” the email.  Then, when you hit the pushpin button at the top, it’ll show you only the ones you’ve pinned.  This is a great way to prioritize and triage an out of control inbox and answer the ones that need attention first.

Hopefully that’s been a helpful first look at taming your email using Google’s Inbox app, and that’s today’s Tech Tip Tuesday.

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