Tech Tip Tuesday – #015 – Streamlining Your Email Notifications



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 Tech Tip Tuesday – #015 – Streamlining Your Email Notifications


What’s it all about?

A REALTOR®s lifestyle is one where you always have to be available for your clients.

When you need some time or a weekend to unplug, however, there’s always the fear in the back of your head that you could be missing that one piece of important communication from someone you care about.

Chances are, your phone has a “do not disturb” for your calls and texts….but what if you’re waiting for that one important email from a client or coworker?

The Solution:

Rather than checking your phone’s email constantly or getting a notification EVERY time an email shows up in your inbox, why not set up a notification that texts you when the one person you care about hearing from – emails you….this way you aren’t tied to your phone all weekend.

We’ll be using Gmail for this example.  If you’re using a different email provider, the good news is that you can set up a new Gmail account, and forward your existing email to it, if you still want to take advantage of this tip.

We’ll be setting up a recipe using  Enjoy!

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