Tech Tip Tuesday – #014 – Advanced Search Result Sorting in MLS



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 Tech Tip Tuesday – #014 – Advanced Search Result Sorting in MLS 


How to Do it:

Today’s Tech Tip is all about advanced sorting and slicing of search results in the MLS.

We have some search results from a recent search.  There may be a few things you might not be aware that you can do with this data to show and sort exactly what you want – the way you want to see it.

  1. You can drag and drop columns to be in the order that you want to see them.  Just click and drag the column to the spot you want that data to land.
  2. You can rank and sort the columns by clicking once on the column title.
  3. Double click on any column title, and rename it to whatever you like.
  4. Bouble click on any column to add extra columns or remove existing ones.  Any data field is available in here.

And after you have things arranged the way you like it….would you like this to be your new default search?  Click the gear icon and the first option under that.  Now, each time you search, this is the data formatting that you’ll see by default.


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