Tech Tip Tuesday – #010 – Advanced Interaction in Twitter


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Tech Tip Tuesday #010 – Advanced Interaction in Twitter


Today, we learn all about “at-mentions”, “hashtags”, and “direct messages”.  If you missed last week’s Introduction to Twitter, be sure to check that out first to get caught up.  Twitter’s basic communication building blocks are:

  • At Mentions (@UserName) – This is where you refer to someone publicly.  They see the notification – and so does anyone else.
  • Hashtags (#ExampleSubject) – Hashtags turn text into searchable, clickable terms.  Click on a hashtag to see what others are saying about the subject, or create your own!
  • Direct Messages (Click on Messages Tab) – These are one-on-one conversations between you and another user.  The rest of Twitter can’t see it.

Sound fun?  It is.  Jump over to Twitter and give it a try!

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