Sponsored Blog Post Friday – 4 R’s to Consider When Selecting an Insulation Company

You’re reading our very first Affiliate Sponsored blog post!  This is where our affiliate partners share their knowledge and expertise regarding a topic of their choosing.  Today, we hear from Eid Nouhra from Delmarva Insulation on 4 things to consider when selecting an insulation company. “So, Eid….there are a few factors to consider when choosing an insulation company….which items would you highlight?”

    1. Research Insulation Type – Do you know what type of insulation you would be interested in using? Your installer should be able to help you with the choice.  There are such a diverse range of options, from spray foam to fiberglass and rigid foam board.  Each of these selections offer their own pros and cons.
  1. Reporting – Does your insulation provider offer an inspection report? Instruments like infrared meters can give you a scientific measurement of the climate inside the crawl space or attic.  If you don’t know what the condition is, how will you know when it’s improved?
  2. Reputation – What’s the company’s reputation? How long have they been around?  Are their hours flexible?  What are the pricing options?  All of these factors should play a role in your final decision.
  3. Regulation – Make sure your provider is up to all building codes.  As building.com says:
As you narrow down your insulation choices, be sure to check building codes for minimum performance standards and compare your top choices to this reference.

And that’s just the beginning.  Our thanks to Delmarva Insulation for sharing their expertise regarding this topic!

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