SCAORCast Monday – 06/27/16 – New Salesperson? Don't Miss These Classes!

SCAORCast Monday – 06/27/16 – New Salesperson? Don’t Miss These Classes!

Welcome to SCAORCast, your ultra-fast download of everything Sussex County Association of REALTORS®.  Here’s what’s happening for this week.  (Check our show notes at the bottom of this page for easy access to all of these links.)  Our thanks to The Foundation’s Harvest Gala on September 29th for sponsoring today’s episode.

This Week’s Show Notes & Links:

  • We have a few New Salesperson Classes coming up.  There’s Module 3, Real Estate Documents on July 12th, and Modules 2 & 4, that’s Buyer Representation and Real Estate Professionalism on July 14th.  You can register for all of those by going to SCAORStore, and clicking on Classes.

  • Last Thursday was the ROTY and Good Neighbor awards, and the party for the Centennial of the term REALTOR®.  If you missed out, there was plenty of food, giveaways like an Apple watch and flatscreen TVs.  Congratulations to Dustin Parker, our Good Neighbor as well as Allison Stine for our ROTY.

  • One other quick piece of info: This is your reminder that MLS Billing is Due by June 30th.  Brokers need to check that everyone in their office has been paid, or the office is terminated and there’s a 50 reconnect fee for each individual.

  • Questions?  Comments?  Talk back to us and let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.  (And be sure to subscribe in iTunes, and never miss an episode again!)

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