Will You Win the Apple Watch This Thursday? & "One Question With a REALTOR®".

SCAORCast Monday – 06/20/16 – Will You Win the Apple Watch this Thursday?

Welcome to SCAORCast, your ultra-fast download of everything Sussex County Association of REALTORS®.  Here’s what’s happening for this week.  (Check our show notes at the bottom of this page for easy access to all of these links.)  Our thanks to the 100 Year’s REALTOR® Party for sponsoring today’s episode.

This Week’s Show Notes & Links:

  • Remember to RSVP for the 100 Year Realtor Celebration happening on June 23rd.  We’re going to have an awesome reception-style party with food, music, awards and more, and it’s all free.  All you have to do is go to scaor.com/party to register.

  • Today we have One Question with a REALTOR®: Trina Joyner sharing her advice for new agents.
  • Questions?  Comments?  Talk back to us and let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.  (And be sure to subscribe in iTunes, and never miss an episode again!)

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