SCAORCard – Issue #006 – Rental Affairs

This month’s meeting had a special guest in Scott Thomas of Southern Delaware Tourism.  Mr. Thomas shared with us the importance of partnerships in order to promote Sussex County as a prime destination location for more than just our beaches.  In order to help promote that he is partnering with representatives from ecotourism, museums, rental agencies, historical societies, etc. for a mini expo to take place on April 6th at the Nassau Vineyards.  More information to follow.
RAC has been busy preparing for their Pre-Season meeting to take place on May 4th at Irish Eyes in Lewes. This is an opportunity for Rental Agents, Elected Officials and Law Enforcement of our coastal municipalities, as well as Southern Delaware Tourism to get together before the summer season in order to identify any potential areas of concern so that they can move through the season in a collaborative effort.


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