SCAORCard – Issue #005 – Technology

2017 Technology Overview:

According to NAR, more millennials are expected to buy a first home in 2017 and will make up at least 1/3 of buyers this year. This generation is very mobile, interested in self-service, and extremely “social”.  

I know you’re wondering what all this means and probably are wishing I would just get to the point…..right?

Well, here it is: basically this means you are at a critical junction in the technology world and where it intersects with your real estate business. 2017 will be a key year to make sure that your clients can access anything you are offering in a mobile format. This ranges from information of properties, mobile friendly websites to electronically signing documents.

This generation is more interested in self-service and generally wants to get as much information as possible and are not interested in someone else, no matter how experienced you are, in making a decision for them. This mean tools such as collaboration apps (which will still keep in the loop), pictures, videos, tours and e-signature technology will be an important part of keeping the competitive edge.

It will be imperative to understand how social media marketing can impact your audience while being used as a simple communication tool. Smart home technology is at the forefront of home automation and simple living. I believe that within a few months more and more people will begin to select smart technology as a requirement for the purchase of a home.

With all of this exciting technology coming down the pipe –  try not to get caught up in doing everything yourself. There are several programs and services available to you, and I will be making several recommendations over the next few months. Also, remember that not all of your home buyers will be looking for new technology and automation. It’s important not to neglect these buyers as well.

Until next time, just remember: “Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.” – Thomas Edison

Thank You,
Benjamin Kunde
Network Administrator
Sussex County Association of REALTORS


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