SCAORCard – Issue #004 – Technology

2017 will be an exciting year, with plenty of emerging technology for the industry. Over the next few months we will be updating you on everything from smart homes, solar power, and mobile apps to technology collaboration and ease of use.  All of this will better assist you in staying up to date for your client’s needs. 
With the addition of our new association management system this year – we were able to better assist with dues payments (and the addition of accepting American Express). We will continue to use this technology to make everything from re-printing certificates to signing in for a class even easier in 2017.
The BOD voted in 2016 to join Bright MLS.  Monthly information will be included in future SCAORcards under a banner titled Bright MLS.  For more information, please go to for more information.
Stay tuned for great updates this coming year!


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