SCAORCard – Issue #004 – Public Policy

Public Policy:

  • Public Policy is revving up for an exciting time! Stay “tuned” for our exciting announcement!!!
  • Some immediate dates of interest of outside networking events:  January 4th is the monthly S.C.A.T meeting being held at Baywood. SCAOR will be represented by our new President, Brigit Taylor, PPC Chairman Bob McVey and PPC staff liaison, Patricia Anderson.
  • January 10th is the Inaugural Sussex County Prayer Breakfast from 7:30am-9:00am. This is a yearly event bringing state, county, and local elected offiicials together, along with community supporters, and businesses for a time of networking and prayer for the elected officials before they are sworn into office.  SCAOR has been a consistent supporter of this event and would welcome all those that would like to join us the morning of January 10th.  
  • The Sussex County Comprehensive Plan continues to move forward so stay tuned for new updates as we receive them.
Rental Affairs (RAC):
  • We are gearing up for a new year and preparing early for the biggest short term rental season!  RAC will be representing SCAOR at two trade shows in 2017.  One in Washington DC in January and one in Pittsburg, PA in March.  
  • RAC is working to revamp some of the nomination/applications for our Alma Ashley Award, awarded to a deserving Rental Agent at the end of year!
Lots going on and excited to share with you as 2017 starts to unwrap before us!!!  
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a safe and happy New Year to everyone from PPC and RAC!
See ya next year!!
Kindest Regards,
Patricia L. Anderson


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