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SCAORCard Issue #002 – Public Policy Update

Public Policy:
October 11th saw a successful conclusion to the 11month sign ordinance ordeal.  With a little excitement and drama the matter was able to be addressed and a new ordinance is finally available.  You can find that ordinance using this link:
Current watch is the proposed changes the commercial zoning ordinances which would coincide with the Comprehensive Plan 2018. At this time any proposed changes are not available for public view. We will continue to monitor and keep members updated.  Currently, however, it is highly recommended that ALL members make it a point to get to know and watch what is going on with the Comprehensive Plan.  It is our concern that this proposed plan is more of an economic development plan and not a land use plan.  With that said this Comprehensive Plan appears to reduce the growth area for businesses and will make the permitting process much more lengthy than it is now.  It is encouraged that each member take the time to visit and fill out the surveys and to submit their comments.  A copy of the plan can be found on this website.  The next round of public hearings/meetings will be forthcoming in the Spring of 2017.
The Executive Board approved PPC’s request to form a taskforce to monitor the Park Avenue expansion project.  The completion of this project is projected for 2020, however, there are several areas of concern regarding this proposed plan and a close eye needs to be kept on this project.  Mr. Fred Dean was appointed as the chairperson for this new taskforce and one other member has already been brought aboard.  Information will be forthcoming related on how to volunteer for this very important taskforce.
In the Rental Affairs arena we are watching the progress of the proposed amendments to the Rental Program Ordinance for Sussex County.  You can find a copy of the proposed ordinance using this link:
And you can here the public hearing portion of Sussex County Council Meeting of November 1, 2016 by clicking on this attachment: 

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