SCAOR Card – Issue #008 – Technology

The Internet of Things…

Why should you,as a REALTOR®,  be interested in the internet of things and smart home technology? 
Because by the year 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices and 6.1 billion smart phone users. More and more smart home devices are being purchased and left in homes that are selling. With the proper knowledge and tips, you can improve the probability of closing a deal with any client. 
One of the biggest devices that are remaining with a home are smart thermostats. The idea is nothing new: We have been programming temperatures for different times and days for years, but now we can adjust them from any mobile device or interact with a car pulling in the driveway. This opens up a whole new area of convenience and security. If I forget to reset a thermostat when I purchase a home, the previous owner could easily mess with my temperature at any given time.
The Online Trust Alliance has come up with a smart home checklist that can be used as a guide for checking smart home related devices in the home. It’s advised that you review this document and even supply a copy to any client you may have. CRT labs at NAR has also supplied an info sheet for the top thermostats on the market so you can be well-armed with the capabilities and cost of each. 
The current push in the smart home industry is for more automation, air quality sensors and ease of use. With the ever changing market and availability we will do our best to make sure you are armed with the best information available to be on the cutting edge of Real Estate. Stay tuned for some big announcements about low cost and cheap sensors that could easily be used as closing gifts or proactive solutions to listing a home. 
The best way to predict the future, is to event it!
– Ben Kunde

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