SCAOR Card – Issue #007 – Membership this Month

Here’s a list of our new members since our last SCAOR Card.  Welcome aboard!

New Members - March 2017

Date Member Type Member Name 
2/23/17 Primary James B. Moore
2/23/17 Primary David DePaul
2/23/17 Secondary John Ford
3/1/17 Primary Marianna Daria Rowe
3/1/17 Primary Danielle Lecakes
3/2/17 Primary Theresa Embrey
3/6/17 Primary Ingrid Mall Kollist
3/8/17 Primary Melissa Rudy
3/8/17 Primary MaryAnn Benyo
3/9/17 Primary Mitchell Brittingham
3/9/17 Primary Jaclyn Hesson
3/13/17 Primary Devon Paul Senft
3/14/17 Primary William B Barry
3/14/17 Primary Nadezda Klimova
3/14/17 Primary Beverly S Mister
3/14/17 Primary Jesus Leon- Serrato
3/16/17 Primary Nicholas Alfano
3/16/17 Primary Casey Price
3/21/17 Primary Robert K Taylor
3/22/17 Primary Lynn Andrews
3/23/17 Primary Yvonne Calhoun
3/28/17 Primary William Novy III
3/28/17 Primary Catherine Kougoures
3/28/17 Secondary Ryan Mullins
3/29/17 Primary Wendy O’Conor
3/29/17 Primary Clint Anderson 
3/29/17 Primary Dominick Scott


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