New Design Available Today!

Say, what?

Arriving today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve streamlined to be cleaner, more compact, and easier to navigate.  We wanted to give you a design that looked great on whatever device or browser you might be using.  Phone?  Desktop?  Tablet?  All good.

You Keep Changing Things!!

Absolutely, we are.  We believe in constant improvement, and that helps us serve everyone better.  Just as food that starts fresh gets stale over time, we believe that anything that sits still for too long will start to stink 😉  That’s why we’ve been pursuing the latest standards in design and code.  It’s also a significant step toward making SCAOR’s site ADA complient.

So, What’s New Then?

Aesthetically?  A lot.  Navigation-wise?  Hardly anything.  And that’s the great news.  All the buttons are in the same place that you’d expect them to be; Just more prominent, and better-labelled.

new site redesign

What if I Don’t See it Yet?  …..And What’s Next?

Patience.  It’ll show up within the next 24 hours.  If you don’t already see the new design here, try the site again in a few hours.

And leave a comment below letting us know what you think!  We’d love your feedback.

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