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Bright MLS Summary to Members

Date:               October 26, 2016

To:                   Participants and Members

From:               SCAOR CEO, Merritt Burke IV

Re:                   Bright MLS: Information and Timeline

Over the past year, SCOAR leadership has been attending Bright MLS Vision Team meetings to consider joining a more expansive MLS.  The new MLS is a merger between MRIS and TREND combining 36 combined REALTOR® Association shareholders in six states plus the District of Columbia (not-for-profits and for-profits). 

A copy of the August 30 Bright MLS presentation is enclosed as a PDF.  Lastly, attached to this letter are a technology summary of what SCAOR members will receive if the Board votes to join Bright MLS. 

The timeline to consider joining the new MLS is as follows:

August 8 – October 26            Bright MLS was referenced in several emails (At-A-Glance, Blogpost/SCAORCast and SCAORcard) to members and discussed at two MLS Committee meetings

August 30                               Participant meeting (this meeting was scheduled before the deadline was changed to execute an Agreement from October to December 31)

September 27                          Board meeting to discuss Bright MLS

October 3                                General Membership meeting where Bright MLS was discussed

November 9 (1:30 pm)             Information meeting with Bright MLS rep. and SCOAR CEO

November 17 (9:00 am)           Board meeting (tentative vote to join Bright MLS)

The deadline to execute a Service Agreement is December 31, 2016.

As CEO, I anticipate that the Board will discuss and/or vote to join Bright MLS at the November 17 Board meeting.  The goal up to that point is to inform the Participants and Members of the benefits and challenges of joining within the next two months.  President Frank Serio and I, including Bruce Plummer who has attended all Bright MLS Vision Team meetings, are available to answer questions at any time.

Financial Impact 

Yes, there will be a nominal financial impact to SCAOR.  MLS fees are anticipated to increase and revenue is anticipated to decrease.  There are options to mitigate the loss of revenue.


To summarize, the Board is interested in hearing Participants and Members opinions of joining a more expansive MLS.  Within you will find everything you need to review the new MLS including a map of the new service area and informational videos from the leadership team.

Click These Thumbnails to see more:


Proposed Map Image of Bright MLS (Formerly MLS Evolved) Coverage



Bright MLS (Formerly MLS Evolved) Technology Comparison Sheet

Bright MLS (Formerly MLS Evolved) Presentation PDF


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