How to sign up for the Recording Activity Notification Service

Sussex County property owners have an added defense when it comes to protecting their homes.

The County’s Recorder of Deeds office this month launched a free service to anyone who owns property in Sussex County. Called the Recording Activity Notification Service, the feature provides email alerts to property owners who have subscribed to the service whenever a land record is recorded with their registered name.

Recorder of Deeds Alexandra Reed Baker moved to institute the feature shortly after taking office in January, saying it is already included in the online recording software used by Sussex County to manage its database of property deeds and mortgages.

“Providing the citizens of Sussex County with tools to help protect their property from deed fraud is of utmost importance to me,” Recorder of Deeds Reed Baker said.

The service comes at a time of growing concern nationwide about identify theft, specifically deed fraud, whereby thieves file fictitious documents to steal the land right from under a property owner. Delaware’s transfer tax law – the fee recorded with each property transaction – makes it more challenging for criminals to commit deed fraud, Ms. Reed Baker said.

“Still, if we can offer something that gives the public some measure of peace of mind,” she added, “I think that’s worth making available and promoting.” Click here to access a PDF version of the directions on how to sign up for the Recording Activity Notification Service.

To sign up or learn more, visit Or call the Recorder of Deeds office at (302) 855-7785 for more information.

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