The SCAOR Card – Issue #017 – From the CEO’s Desk

April is here! This means that the end-of-licensing is around the corner. Please make sure you have the required CEs, per the State of Delaware, to renew your license. Also make sure you have completed or are planning to complete the Code of Ethics (COE) before the of of the calendar year. The fifth NAR cycle for members to complete the COE commenced on January 1, 2017 and ends on December 31, 2018. This is critical for the Association to comply with NAR Core Standards.

Other Association news includes the following:
  • The next BOD meeting is May 24 at 9 am (after NAR Legislative meetings from May 14-19 in DC).  Legislative Action Day is Wednesday, May 16.  DAR coordinates Capital Hill visits for DE REALTORS.
  • SCAOR has 38 Affiliates that have enrolled in the Affiliate program.  Please make sure to read their monthly emails and network at Affiliate events.  The next event is in May at the Crooked Hammock.
  • The Public Policy Committee and YPN Committee are planning a RPAC fundraiser in November.  SCAOR will commence event promotion around Labor Day weekend.
  • The YPN Committee scheduled an Expert Panel for April 17 from 3-5 pm at SCAOR.  The event is free.  Please see the enclosed flyer for more details.
  • Education classes are scheduled through April 30 at’s Education page.
  • Bright MLS conversion day is June 4, preview is around May 7.
  • May 10 is the next Finance Committee meeting
  • The Organizational Planning Committee will meet June 13 and 14 to draft a new Strategic Plan for 2019-2021.
  • The Peninsula Commercial Alliance (PCA) is now a SCAOR standing committee called the Commercial Committee (PCA was dissolved in 2017)
  • Bright MLS and SCAOR agreed to invoice renewing MLS members for April, May and June.  Billing will open April 18.  MLS service fees ($20 per month for members and $30 for MLS Only) will remain the same for April and May.  SCAOR members will pay $35 for Bright MLS for June. 
  • The MLS Committee recommended to the BOD to increase the lockbox allocation from no more than 10% above active listing amount to no more than 20% above active listing amount.  They also recommended that the Audit be moved to October instead of May/June.  Current annual fees are $125 for SCAOR members and $150 for non-members.  
  • Lastly, NAR is proposing a $30 dues increase.  Please log onto NAR and seach for S.M.A.R.T. Initiatives to learn more about the dues increase and FY 2019 NAR Budget.
Overall, the Association is healthy with adequate reserves for short-term operational expenses and long-term capital improvement expenses.  As always, continue to represent the Association well in the community and adhere to the Code of Ethics when conducting business.
Merritt Burke IV


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