Five Bonus Tips for REALTOR® Safety

Five *Bonus* Tips for REALTOR® Safety Month

As we continue with 2016 REALTOR® Safety Month, we have a few more tips to keep you safe when on the job.

We’ve talked before about many of the basics, like using a “buddy” when hosting open houses, taking extra precautions when showing properties and always having your cell phone accessible at all times.

Today, we’re going to give you a few tips that will help keep you safe when out in the community.

  • Develop a code word or phrase. Actually, you might consider coming up with a couple of these, one to indicate a possibly dangerous situation and another to signal for immediate help. Make sure everyone in the office knows these phrases.  When you call in, they will immediately recognize the situation and act accordingly.
  • Use technology. There are many smartphone applications today that can help REALTORS®. Some of the more popular ones include bSafe and Real Alert. When you feel uneasy for any reason, keep your hands on your phone and you can make it ring with the push of a button. You can then call for help using your secret distress code.
  • Proper identification. Before taking someone to see properties, make sure they visit your office and fill out an ID form. Also make a copy of their driver’s license for your files.
  • Carry pepper spray. Better to be safe than sorry, and a can of pepper spray can go a long way in a dangerous situation. Just be sure to practice using it first so you know the correct way of doing so.
  • Trust your instinct. We all have what we call “gut feelings” from time to time, and we should listen to them. If something doesn’t seem right to you, then make sure you either proceed with extreme caution or remove yourself from the situation entirely.


As always, we welcome your comments on this or any of our other online material.

Have a great day everyone!

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