SCAOR Membership Value Proposition – Education, Ethics and Advocacy


Professional Real Estate Trade Association

Association Dues ($260 for Members billed October 1 and due by October 31)

  • Professional Staff (Association Executive, Director of Professional Development, Communications Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator and Membership Services Coordinator) 
  • High quality education classes with a variety of local and regional instructors
  • Association facility with meeting rooms and professional offices
  • NAR trained Professional Standards Administrator
  • Code of Ethics enforcement ensuring a higher level of professionalism 
  • Over ten committees to focus on issues concerning Bylaws, Professional Standards, Professional Development, Finance, Public Policy and Rental Affairs
  • Networking opportunities with other real estate professionals 
  • An active Community Service Foundation with multiple mixers and a gala
  • Young Professional Network (YPN) events
  • Spring Hospitality Fair for rental members
  • October General Membership meeting
  • Meeting facilities for committee meetings and Association functions
  • Broker meetings to increase participant knowledge and information
  • RPAC events to fundraise for local, state and national issues
  • Asset management to protect the Associations financial interests 
  • Association Management Software to assist with tracking membership records and education classes
  • Database of Professional Affiliate Members who provide a wide range of services
  • Weekly communications: Monday At-A-Glance, Tech Tip Tuesday, Lockbox Thursday
  • Monthly SCAORcard with comprehensive membership information
  • Association website and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Route 9 LED sign promoting events and the trade association
  • Participation in municipal and county government issues
  • Market and advertise the Association at community events

Association Owned Lockbox Key System

Lockboxes Fees ($125 for Members and $150 for Non-Members, billed June 1 and due by June 30)

  • Management and maintenance of 5,000 SentriLock wireless Bluetooth lockboxes
  • MLS Committee to enforce and educate members about wireless lockboxes
  • October Association Lockbox Audit

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The SCAOR Card – Issue #013 – Interview with Patricia Anderson

Patricia Anderson has a new role within SCAOR, and we got to swing by and chat for a few minutes regarding her plans:

01 – That’s exciting about your move to Director of Professional Development and Pro Standards! Let’s talk about Professional Development first – What do you think some of the educational challenges are that face us?
We face challenges such as being competitive in pricing and content. That means keeping things on the cutting edge and ahead of trends. Our members are busier and involved in so many other things – we are challenged with offering quality, cost-friendly courses that also are time-and-location friendly. Being able to offer a greater variety of courses that satisfy licensure requirements, but also provide another level of work efficiency is something I am excited to pursue.
02 – If you could snap your fingers and have anything change in 2018, what would you like to see happen?
Wow, what an amazing question! Snap my fingers and have anything change?…hmmm…lol… Well, in regards to Professional Development, I look forward to us taking the lead in offering special designations (in order to provide our members more marketability in such a competitive industry). In regards to Events/Facility Rentals, I would like us to be one of the first locations considered for all corporate and private events. And for Pro Standards…well, I must say we have an amazing member base and had very little need for conflict resolution so I would like to see that continue and continue to get better (so we have zero need, other than an oversight).
03 – What’s encompassed in your role with Pro Standards?
My main focus in Pro Standards is Ethics. The REALTOR® brand, from NAR, is very proud of their high level of ethics and ethics training. My job is to ensure that the same high level of focus is maintained at the local level. We have a selection of dedicated, trained REALTORS® that volunteer their time, to serve in the capacity of Ombudsman, mediators, as well as a panel for Arbitrations. This is in addition to our highly qualified Grievance Committee. We strive to ensure that standards set forth by NAR, regarding ethics, are upheld and enforced in order to serve our members and maintain the label of trust worn by the REALTOR® brand. I am looking forward to taking our Pro Standards to the next level and be a model looked at by many.
04 – Thanks for taking the time to share with us! Is there anything else you’d like to pass along to the members as you start this role at SCAOR?
I just want to say I am very excited to step into this role, and I am looking forward to the myriad of opportunities that exist in our Education and Pro Standards Depts. I love looking outside the box and expanding the traditional definitions and walls of ideas!


The SCAOR Card – Issue #013 – Q3 2017 Stats

Sussex County Association of REALTORS®
October 18, 2017

Local Real Estate Market Remains Strong


The real estate market in Sussex County, Delaware continues to be active for buyers and sellers.  Real estate date released by the Sussex County Association of REALTORS® (SCAOR) for the 3rd quarter of 2017 shows the average sold price of a residential property at $332,683.  This continues a strong market as the average price was $312,646 in the 3rd quarter of 2016.  Additionally, the total number of units sold year-over-year was 1,326 compared to 1,234.

President Brigit Taylor, after reviewing the data stated, “After several years of a market correction in Sussex County, we seem to be in a more normalized market.”

Commercially speaking, the 3rd quarter of 2017 saw lower units sold compared to the 2nd quarter but a higher average price from $527,783 to $696,500.

Regarding lots and land, the total units sold decreased from 217 in the 2nd quarter to 191 in the 3rd quarter.  However, the average price of lots and land increased from $172,338 to $231,570. 

Overall, $500,267,000 has changed hands in 2017’s third quarter.

There is no better time to hire a professional REALTOR® to assist with a future transaction.  With over 1,800 members, the Association is ready to serve the public in any and all real estate transactions.  President Taylor noted that, “With so many options to choose from and so many different ways to search for property, utilizing the expertise of a professional REALTOR® will simplify the process of selling an existing home or searching for a new home.”

To view an extensive database of residential, commercial and land that are currently for sale in Sussex County, visit SCAOR’s website at

The Sussex County Association of Realtors was chartered in 1949 and has steadily increased in size, scope, and mission during its more than six decades representing buyers and sellers in Sussex County.  SCAOR is a professional trade association with a mission statement of ethics, education and advocacy for real estate transactions throughout the County.

SCAOR is also a resource for the public, as well as a recognized advocate for property rights and property owners in Sussex County. The association also monitors legislative issues on the local, state and national levels that may impact home ownership in the area.

To read more about issues related to Sussex County’s real estate industry, visit SCAOR’s website at


The SCAOR Card – Issue #013 – From the CEO’s Desk

Managing a progressive trade association can be challenging at times; however with talented employees leading education, communication, membership and innovation SCAOR has a bright future. First, I would like to announce that Angela Emerson was hired by the Pinellas REALTOR Organization in Tampa, FL to lead education and ethics. We wish her the best, as she dedicated five years to SCAOR. Second, I would like to congratulate Patricia Anderson on her promotion to the Director of Professional Development for the Association. The Director oversees, schedules and coordinates all professional development programs. The Director also oversees professional standards and is the primary mediation/arbitration contact and coordinator. Ms. Anderson has a strong background in administration and has been employed by the Association two years working in several capacities including assisting with local advocacy efforts. Lastly, we wish Ben Kunde, MLS Administrator, a fond farewell as he is poised to join Bright MLS as a Solutions Architect at the end of November. Organizational change is never easy, but I assure you that a new team of professional and dedicated employees will take the reins in late 2017 to serve the members into the future. Please contact me directly at meritt if you have questions or comments on the transition.

Regarding Association projects and news, I would like to inform the members that the Bright MLS training workshops have been posted on the SCAOR website and within all SCAOR communication. Be the first to sign up for a Bright MLS training! The next BOD meeting is November 16 at 9 am with the 2018 Installation on November 30 at 4 pm at SCAOR. Come out and support the new Officers and Directors.

It has been a busy year for SCAOR. The BOD approved the transition to a new MLS in January, 5000 lockboxes were exchanged in July and now organizational change within the Association in October. I want to thank the staff for their hard work and long hours assisting members with countless requests while keeping the Association moving forward all year. 2018 should be a productive year under new leadership, so stay tuned and stay involved in your Association. We highly value you as we work towards making your business more productive and profitable.

Merritt Burke IV


Tech Tip Tuesday - #061 - REALTOR® Trademark Usage on Social Media and Offline

Tech Tip Tuesday – #061 – REALTOR® Trademark Usage on Social Media and Offline

The term REALTOR® is not only a trademark owned by NAR and protected by federal law, it is also a valuable membership benefit that distinguishes members from all others in the real estate business. Watch this entertaining, three-minute video to learn how members can protect the value of the mark by using it properly. Remember, a REALTOR® isn’t “just another real estate agent.” Being a REALTOR® means more.

[ Check out this Free Social Media Toolkit from NAR

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