Bright MLS Transition Date

Bright MLS Announcement

Good afternoon Members:

The SCAOR BOD in a Special Meeting yesterday adopted 2018 MLS fees from January through March.  The MLS member fee is $60 and the MLS Only member fee is $90.  SCAOR will invoice members and MLS Only members on Tuesday, January 16 with payment due on Friday, Feb. 16.  If payment is not collected by Feb. 16 then MLS services will be terminated.

Lastly, we anticipate a March 1-6 conversion date with a 2-3 week Bright MLS preview.  Stay tuned for more information on the Bright MLS transition in the coming days and weeks.  Don’t forget to read the weekly Bright MLS Thursday email.  

Please contact me if you have questions.


Merritt Burke IV

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