Bright MLS Announcement

Announcement from Bright MLS


Announcement from Bright MLS:

At Bright MLS, we know that in your industry, time is money. That’s why we’re consolidating tens of thousands of agents across the entire Mid-Atlantic into one system, in an effort to save you time and money. The consolidation process is big, and started just a few weeks ago with the conversion of three Central Pennsylvania MLSs to Bright.

But doing big things isn’t easy. Inevitably, changes this big come with challenges, and this conversion is no exception. We regret that thus far we haven’t been able to provide the experience we envisioned for those in Central Pennsylvania and for many others within the Bright footprint.

Today, our top priorities are to resolve outstanding issues resulting from the conversion; improve the integrity and reliability of data; and continue to support and train our Central Pennsylvania subscribers until they feel comfortable with the change.

We want to ensure that we are able to provide you with the best possible experience. So together with your Association leadership, we have agreed to delay the Sussex and Coastal conversions to Bright.

We look forward to sharing a preview with you and converting you to Bright as soon as possible, and are confident that the exciting changes we’re working on will help you and your business find great success in the New Year. The conversion of MRIS or TREND subscribers will then follow.

The upcoming November training classes will be rescheduled for a time closer to your new conversion date. We will share the new schedule for these classes as soon as it’s available.

We will continue to hold the Big Bright Events for your area this week. These events provide a valuable opportunity to preview Bright systems and ask any questions you might have for Bright staff in person.

We hope this new schedule will allow us to resolve current issues, so that your conversion will be a smooth and satisfying experience.

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