2024 SCAOR Board Recruitment

Our 2024 Board Recruitment period is now open. Please consider applying or encouraging someone to apply. This is truly an opportunity to help guide the Association.  

As a reminder, our bylaws state, “The governing body of the Association shall be a Board of Directors consisting of elected officers, five (5) REALTOR® members and any seated NAR director who is a member of the Association.

Directors shall be elected to serve terms of three years, except at organization one-third of the elected directors shall be elected for terms of one, two, and three years respectively,
or for lesser terms as may be deemed necessary to complete the first fiscal year.

No more than two (2) members of the Board of Directors (BOD) should come from any member firm, with the exception of the position automatically assigned to the immediate past president.





The filled positions for the 2024 Slate of Officers shall be as follows:


·       Adriane Gallagher – President (one-year term)

·       Allison Stine  – Past President (one-year term) 

·       Mary Dayton  – One-year Director 

·       Jack Redefer – Two-year Director 

·       Chris Lind – Two-year Director

·       Trina Joyner – NAR Director (two-year term)


The open positions for the 2024 Slate of Officers shall be as follows:


·       President-Elect (one-year term)

·       1st Vice President (one-year term)

·       2nd Vice President (one-year term)

·       Director (three-year term) – 2 positions available

·       Treasurer (one-year term) 

·       Assistant Treasurer (one-year term)


The Nominating Committee, which will meet soon, must send the Slate of Officers to the BOD at least 70 but no more than 100 days before the annual meeting on Monday, October 2, 2023.

If you would like to receive a job description for one of the positions or have any questions, you can contact the Association Executive Stephanie Moody at smoody@scaor.com or 302-855-2300.

If you are interested, be sure to fill out an application by clicking on the link HERE prior to July 1, 2023.  

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