Tech Tip Tuesday – #012 – Intro to Targeted Ads in Facebook


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Tech Tip Tuesday #012 – Intro to Targeted Ads in Facebook


The Past…

Traditional advertising campaigns using television and radio used a shotgun approach where the sheer force of the amount of viewers meant that you’d possibly hit someone that resonated with your message.  The best you could do for targeting demographics was picking a time of day or a general channel for your ad to air on.

The real power of face book’s advertising lies in it’s ability to highly target the users you specify so that even though you may be hitting a smaller audience, there’s a higher percentage change that they’re the people who would be interested in your product or service.

So, Let’s Get Started:

Let’s use a real-world example.  We want to promote the Peninsula Commercial Alliance’s Wallops Island Event coming up on April 28th.  It’s a great event where people get to find out about business opportunities stemming from wallops island as far reaching as delaware, but reality is that it may interest some people more than others.  So we’re going to create what’s called a boosted post.

Here we have our ad’s text & the link for people to sign up for the evenbright link.  So, we’re all set.  Let’s click on boosted post, and under audience, we can limit it to people who already like our page, and that helps ensure the people that already like SCAOR are exposed to this ad, the next option is for two degrees of separation.  And the third option is the one that we’ll be choosing.  We can click “create new audience”, and define exactly who we want this post to reach down to age, preferences and more.

Next we set our budget.  We’ve allocated $25 dollars, and under this it’ll tell you some useful information about how many people you can expect to reach using this amount of money and this limited time window.  We then click “boost post”, and we’re all set!

That’s an intro to targeted ads in Facebook, and that’s today’s Tech Tip Tuesday.

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