SCAORCard – Issue #016 – Professional Development

License Renewal is quickly approaching!  Don’t forget to visit our website and click on the “EDUCATION” tab!  We have some great classes coming up to get your final CEs complete.  Check out March 28th from 1-4 Mods 6 or 7 Manufacturing, Mobile, and Module Homes.  If you missed the opportunity to take this last fall, now is the time to get in!
Stay tuned as we have 2 National Instructors on the horizon…Melody McClain on May 10th and Paula Monthofer on June 14th! 
We welcome all feedback about our course offerings and any ideas that you may like to see.
Kindest Regards,
Patricia L. Anderson
Director of Professional Development/ProStandards Administrator

23407 Park Avenue
Georgetown, DE 19947

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